Harriston, Ontario

Concrete is the foundation for countless great projects, and to our team at Countryside Concrete, it's always an honour to provide that firm foundation.


From start to finish, our team is equipped to manage your large agricultural or commercial projects. We begin by using the proper tools and technology to lay out and place your new projects. We use a robotic total station to layout the site prior to excavation and again to precisely place your footings and foundations.


Our forming crews place the footings and walls with sturdy, modern, state of the art, aluminum formwork. We may be a little obsessive when it comes to smooth, square, straight and flat walls. At any rate, we do try our best.


We do not take placing and finishing floors lightly. With the right equipment and knowledge, the risks and guesswork are largely mitigated, and we can focus on doing it well. We begin by determining the right concrete mix and reinforcing for your flat pour. We consider all aspects of the weather and how that could affect the quality of your floor and adjust the mixes accordingly if needed. We then pour using 3D or flat screeding equipment as is right for the job. The flatwork pour then gets finished to your required texture and cut for crack control as needed.

Agricultural Projects

  • Dairy Barns
  • Poultry Barns
  • Farm Storage Buildings
  • Shops
  • Feed Bunk Silos
  • Manure Tanks
  • Fertilizer Storage

Commercial / Industrial

  • Exterior Concrete Slabs and Parking Lots

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